The Wish List of PS Plus Free Games for April 2020

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The Wish List of PS Plus Free Games for April 2020

Postby karenminton » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:24 am

The current time is quite crucial for the world due to the outbreak of health issues, which has compelled the people to avoid traveling and gatherings at public places. Moreover, the recent health issue outbreak has forced the major companies to close their significant events, which includes E3 2020 also. Since more and more people are compelled to avoid going outside or in public places and so they have a lot of time to spend at home and enjoy video games. Looking at the scenario, Sony should also think over to bring some great games on Play station Plus. Here is the wish list of PS Plus free games which could be released by Sony in April:-

Source :- ... pril-2020/

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